The Old Church wedding – Portland, Oregon

    The Old Church wedding of Heather and Sophie was Christmas themed. There is nothing better than walking into a beautiful historic church filled with seasonal decorations. Everything from the table decorations to the music on their holiday playlist came together perfectly for their Christmas themed wedding. The Old Church is a historic landmark in the city of Portland, Oregon. The church which was built in 1882 is in fact the oldest church in the city.

    Sophie and Heather chose this particular place to hold their Christmas themed wedding because of its beauty and also because of The Old Church’s commitment to creating a positive space for the community. The Old Church is home to a variety of different musical and theatrical events. They are committed to creating a space that is welcoming to people from all different walks of life. The diverse mix of events and thought provoking lectures on their calendar reflects this. We are always thrilled to capture love in all of its diverse forms and were very happy to have to opportunity to work in this sacred  space.

    The most memorable part of the reception for me was the toasts. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. So many beautiful sentiments were shared during the toasts that were made by family members.

    Their heartfelt ceremony was filled with readings by different friends and many well wishes. The beautiful antique organ in The Old Church made a gorgeous backdrop. During the reception guests and family mingled and enjoyed a delicious buffet of Indian food. The most memorable part of the reception for me was the toasts. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. So many beautiful sentiments were shared during the toasts that were made by family members.

    After the ceremony and reception the couple and their friends and family headed over to  The Sudra, an Indian restaurant in St. Paul for an afterparty. The outdoor fire pit was surrounded by smiling faces telling stories about how they first met Heather and Sophie. I was so happy to have been able to steal the couple away for a final misty Portland Oregon portrait at the end of the night.

    Front of church building with afternoon light and blue sky
    Golden afternoon light hitting the front of the Old Church in downtown Portland, Oregon.
    Bride getting ready in front of mirror
    Sophie getting ready in one of the bridal rooms at The Old Church before the wedding ceremony.
    Red wedding shoes
    Heathers red wedding dress and red velvet shoes were the perfect match for their Christmas themed wedding.
    Heather getting ready in the downstairs of The Old Church.
    Woman laughing wearing flower suit
    This wedding coordinators floral suit was too fun!

    Black and white photo of woman peeking through door

    Bride getting ready by stained glass window in The Old Church

    Bride wearing red dress holding bouquet

    Portrait of a bride wearing red in a mirror
    We love finding fun ways to frame our photos. The Old Church is filled with unexpected details and fun treasures to photograph.

    Bride in getting ready room

    Father walking bride down the aisle

    Brides laughing during wedding ceremony in front of old organ

    Photograph of two brides holding hands during ceremony

    Black and white photograph taken during wedding ceremony

    Brides exchanging rings during wedding ceremony

    Wide angle photograph of entire church hall during wedding ceremony

    Christmas themed wedding cake with reindeer decorations

    Wedding guests taking selfie with iphone

    Polaroid camera and wedding decorations

    Candid photograph of wedding guests eating dinner

    Father of the bride giving a toast during wedding reception
    Sophies father giving a toast during their wedding reception.

    Bride wearing red dress laughing during wedding reception toasts

    Photograph of two brides during wedding reception

    Brides smiling and reacting to wedding toasts

    Kids playing on couch during wedding

    Wedding guests sitting at dinner table talking

    Creative portrait of woman drinking whiskey in front of the fire

    Three wedding guests laughing in front of a fire pit

    Creative photograph of brides hands with wedding rings in front of the fire

    Silhouette photograph of wedding couple on misty street
    Our final misty photograph of the evening. I love how much this makes me think of Portland, Oregon weddings


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    December 18, 2018