Frances Davis

    I find romance and inspiration in the complexity of life and love, including the funny, weird, and beautiful moments that come along with it. I strive to create photography which is not just beautiful, but also raw, compelling and authentic to my creative spirit.

    Meet Frances Davis, a visionary wedding photographer based in the heart of Portland, Oregon. With roots in Manhattan and a childhood spent exploring art museums, Frances’ artistic journey has shaped her unique approach to capturing unforgettable moments. A lifelong photographer driven by passion and creativity, Frances seamlessly weaves her love for art into her craft, transforming each wedding into a mesmerizing tale of love and emotion.

    With an eye for the extraordinary, Frances Davis has refined her photography skills from an early age, turning her lifelong hobby into an art form that speaks volumes. Drawing inspiration from her Manhattan upbringing and her connection to the vibrant Portland community, Frances brings a fresh perspective to every wedding she captures. Her keen ability to infuse storytelling with artistic flair sets her apart as a wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon, who not only documents moments but creates timeless visual narratives. Whether against the backdrop of the city’s enchanting landscapes or within its charming venues, Frances’ work encapsulates the spirit of each couple’s unique journey, making her a sought-after name in the world of wedding photography.

    For Frances Davis, photography isn’t just a profession; it’s a passion deeply intertwined with her artistic soul. Growing up amid the cultural tapestry of Manhattan, Frances’ curiosity led her to explore art museums, igniting a lifelong love affair with visual expression. Today, as a dedicated wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon, Frances infuses her work with the same sense of wonder and creativity she experienced in those museum halls.

    Frances’ portfolio isn’t just a collection of photographs; it’s a gallery of emotions, moments frozen in time, and stories waiting to be told. Her journey from childhood art enthusiast to accomplished wedding photographer has enabled her to craft a signature style that seamlessly blends candid captures with artistic compositions. The result? A series of images that aren’t just snapshots but evocative masterpieces. Through her lens, she encapsulates the essence of each couple’s love story, infusing it with the authenticity and artistry that define her work.

    Frances Davis’ passion for photography and her devotion to the craft shine through in every frame she captures. As you embark on your wedding journey, entrust your moments to a true artist whose artistry knows no bounds. From Manhattan’s bustling streets to Portland’s serene landscapes, Frances Davis’ lens captures the extraordinary in every detail, making her a distinctive and sought-after wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon.



    What is your approach to wedding photography?

    Client relationship, trust, and understanding is critical. In order to truly create something authentic and unique to you, I must first have some understanding of who you are, what drives you, and what inspires you. Likewise, I need trust in our process to allow the freedom to truly create something special, challenge myself, and never settle for the uninspired.


    What are you like on wedding day?

    On wedding day, I will be searching constantly for the next best angle, moment, composition, or inspiration. I find beauty in small, obscure interactions or unusual compositions. My most intimate and real photos are ones in which I am not on the outside, but up close and personal, allowing moments to unfold on their own.


    How does art influence your wedding photography?

    I have a deep appreciation for creativity, artistic expression, and authenticity. My driving motivation as a wedding photographer is the challenge of approaching every wedding as if it were it's own unique art piece, culminating in a truly unique wedding book. I draw influence from the personalities and stories of our clients and their families while building on my own artistic vision.