Puerto Vallarta Wedding

    At the end of the reception Chuck took Alicia by the hand and they both ran down to the beach. Chuck stripped off his clothes and they dove into the water. Watching the two of them kissing in the ocean under the moonlight, I could feel their freedom and their elation. I was a little jealous of it. I think those extreme rushes of excitement can become few and far between the longer you are with someone. In the beginning of a romance everything is so hot. Its like water droplets sizzling on a hot skillet, but with time those droplets continue to fall into an ever growing pool and the falling droplets sound more like deep serenity than sizzling passion. Chuck and Alicia are not young lovers. They are grown adults with their own families and their own life stories. Their fire is not one of young fresh love but the fire of personal freedom.

    Chuck and Alicias wedding was a celebration of their union but also about creating a space for shared experience with their friends and family. Their choice to have a destination wedding at Riu Palace in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico brought everyone together on an adventure. Travel makes you rich in a way that so many other things and experiences just can’t. As soon as you step off that plane in a far away land there is a rush of excitement and fear for the unknown that awaits you. Everything looks and smells different and people are speaking a language you can recognize but perhaps cannot understand. All this differentness makes you feel small. We realize that there is a whole world out there that we don’t fully understand and in knowing this we are humbled.

    In the weeks leading up to their wedding Chuck and Alicia were kind enough and open enough to share several Skype chats and text message threads with us. We had the chance to talk about a variety of different things. I don’t feel it appropriate or necessary to discuss the details of our clients private lives here but I do want to share how it has influenced our work.

    We want our work to be meaningful in a way that goes beyond just being beautiful photographs posted on social media and our blog. We create photographs that speak to the people we create them for. For us to make work that is truly representative of someone we need to care about them and know them on a level that goes beyond the surface. By getting to know Chuck and Alicia we truly came to care for them as people. I love who they are as husband and wife and I am inspired by who they are as parents. That love is what pushes me to get through the difficult moments that all photographers encounter on wedding day and in business. Truly caring for our clients makes this job meaningful in a way that no award or any number of likes on instagram ever could. 

    The sense of freedom that Chuck and Alicia have when they are together runs deeper than a tequila fueled moonlight wedding night dip in Mexico. It comes from the fact that they both truly march to the beat of their own drum. They don’t ask for permission to be who they are, they just do it. When you have that fire inside of you, life is never dull and the skillet never completely cools. I know this because I feel that we share this same fire for life that Chuck and Alicia do. We we live brightly and we thrive in places where our fire is allowed to burn most brightly.

    From Chuck and Alicia I was shown that personal transformation is possible. That the beginning of our story does not have to be the same as the end. As humans we posses the gift of consciousness that gives us the power to write and rewrite our own story. Although we don’t get to pick and choose the things that happen to us in life, we do have the power to choose how we play the cards we are dealt. We can choose to accept our flaws and the obstacles we face in life as the source of our strength. The family that Chuck and Alicia have created is filled with so much love, warmth and acceptance. Their lives are this way not by chance, but by choice. 

    Chuck and Alicia thank you so much for flying us to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and encouraging us to push our art to a new level. We create our best work when we feel we are supported creatively. The work we created together on your wedding day was truly a collaboration between the four of us. Thank you so much for being a part of a beautiful creative process.

    November 19, 2019



    Greg and Francis were the epitome of amazing photographers! The things they did to capture our special moments and these shots were beyond impressive. Their passion and love for their creativity and artwork was evident from our very first conversation months before the wedding. We are truly grateful for all they have done!

    Greg and Francis,
    Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, I would not have wanted to share our day with any other photographers.