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    Frances Davis & Greg Hastain

    Weddings × July 24, 2023

    Timberline Lodge Wedding

    Timberline Lodge Wedding photographed by Frances Davis. Adara & Alex had their ceremony in The Raven's Nest at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood Oregon.

    Uncategorized × May 26, 2023

    The Evergreen Wedding

    The Evergreen Wedding of Lori & Mark in Portland, Oregon

    Uncategorized × May 23, 2023

    Oregon Winery Wedding | Angela & Dennis

    I'm excited to share the beautiful story of Angela and Dennis' Oregon winery wedding. From the timeless charm of Villa Catalana Cellars in Oregon City to the breathtaking views at Amaterra Winery, ...

    Uncategorized × May 23, 2023

    Nighttime Wedding Portrait Session Playing with Star & Fractal Filters

    Now and then, I come across couples who are planning a wedding in a venue that's dimly lit or even downright dark. Jessa and Drew decided to have a backyard wedding at night, so it's safe to say that...

    Weddings × April 4, 2023

    The Loft at The Red Building | Lani & Cooper

    One of the best things about weddings is seeing couples bring all of themselves into their wedding. What they value, their culture, and their creative self. I originally met this couple after ...

    Weddings × August 8, 2022

    Ravens Nest Wedding – Adara & Alex

    "What the heck is an axe major?" That was the question I found myself asking a man named Wizard at 1:15 am in the downstairs bar of Timberline Lodge following their Ravens Nest Wedding. The bride...

    Uncategorized × May 10, 2021

    Dianne & Forrest Oregon Vineyard Wedding

    It feels so good to be back to work photographing weddings for amazing couples once again! I met Dianne and Forrest at the Committed Bridal show back in 2019, and I had an immediate connectio...

    Uncategorized × December 9, 2019

    #DudenBabe! Villa Playa Maria Wedding

    How can I even begin to write about the epic amazingness that was Britt and Dan’s wedding at Villa Playa Maria in Rincon, Puerto Rico! These two knocked it out of the park by bringing together th...

    Uncategorized × November 19, 2019

    Puerto Vallarta Wedding

    At the end of the reception Chuck took Alicia by the hand and they both ran down to the beach. Chuck stripped off his clothes and they dove into the water. Watching the two of them kissing in the oce...

    Uncategorized × October 5, 2019

    Don’ be late to your own wedding!

    No one wants to hear this but it truly puts you in a more conscious and informed position if you realize that wedding day isn’t all about you. You and your partner may be the focus of wedding day...