La Plage Luncheon – Tabitha & TJ's St Barths Wedding Photography

    This Luncheon at La Plage in Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy was the second event we photographed during Tabitha and TJ’s four day St Barths Wedding. It would be hard for us to pick a favorite venue from our wedding weekend in St Barths yet the energy and excitement of La Plage really captured our imagination. The beautiful white and yellow interior of the restaurant and the white sand beach and turquoise water made for a spectacular backdrop for these photographs.

    “Guests and family get a chance to know us and get comfortable having their photograph taken”

    As wedding photographers when photographing multiple day events during a wedding weekend we really get a chance to meet all of the guests and family of the bride and groom. Having time with everyone before wedding day means guests and family get a chance to know us and get comfortable having their photograph taken. It is really wonderful to see how people let their guard down over the course of a few days and the photos become more and more genuine. Our experience at La Plage in St Barths couldn’t have been better! The sound of the ocean waves and DJ Julien Roussel made for a great beach party!

    St Barths Wedding Weekend Kicks Off at La Plage

    We are excited to continue sharing all of these incredible photos from Tabitha and TJ’s St Barths Wedding weekend in soon-to-come blog posts!

    Two lounge chairs on the beach at La Plage st barths facing the turquoise ocean water.Sea shell wedding decoration center piece with bottles of olive oil and silver ware on a white table cloth.Pink Parrot sign above the bar at La Plage St barths with the beach in background.Yellow and white table decorations for the wedding luncheon.Bride wearing a white beach dress with an orange bikini holding a glass of white wine on the beach in St barths.Girl in a pink bikini standing on the beach with a view of Eden Rock in the background.Girl in an orange bikini holding a cocktail riding on a mans shoulders on the beach in St BarthsWoman holding both her hands up with a surprised expression in front of green palm treesA shirtless man and a woman in a bikini chest bump on the beachTurqouise blue cookie with the letters T&JBride and bridesmaids standing on the beach in St BarthsPhotograph of the beach in front of La Plage, St BarthsBride in a white beach dress talking with one of her bridesmaids in a black bikini on the beachThree men talking holding a soccer ball on the beach in front of La Plage lounge chairsBride in a white beach dress holding a cocktail talking with her grandfather on the beachThe bride with her uncle smiling for the cameraWedding guests playing on paddle boards in the ocean on St barths islandView of the beach from inside of restaurant La Plage at Toms beach in St BarthGreen bottles of Dom Perignon on a shelf behind the barWedding guests smiling for the camera with their shirts offBlack and white photograph of a groomsman rubbing the grooms shoulders at a table at La Plage St barthsWedding photographer wearing all black holding two cameras on the beach in St BarthsWedding guest laughing and smiling Beautiful assortment of orange appetizers served in shot glassesWedding Luncheon menu from La Plage St BarthsThree wedding guests wearing sunglasses smiling for the cameraBride wearing a white beach dress sitting at a table with her father.Four wedding guests pose for a picture on the beach in St Barth with the brideGroomsman wearing a white shirt flexing his muscles in front of a group of his friends in front of La Plage St barthDetail photograph of green bottles of Dom Perignon champagne on a shelfWoman
 with black hair wearing a beach dress smiling and laughingTwo old men sitting at a table smiling for the camera with the beach in the background.Photograph of a table with two glasses of wine, a bottle of evian water and two cigars smoldering in an ashtray.Black and white photograph of the bride smiling with her friendsWedding guest wearing a sexy black dress striking a pose for the cameraFrench toast with iceream and a silver spoonView of Eden Rock hotel with La Plage st barth beach umbrellas in the foregroundWoman wearing a blue beach dress running towards a group of people on the beach in St BarthsTwo men flexing their arms waist deep in the ocean water in St barths.Large group photo of all the wedding guests and family on the beach in St Barths

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    September 19, 2016