Alex and Ana's DIY oceanfront wedding in Rincon, Puerto Rico


    Alex and Ana spent 13 years together before tying the knot here in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Their close knit group of family and friends were a pleasure to work with. Before the ceremony the bride and groom spent time hanging out in the same ocean front Villa (Sunset Paradise Villas). Usually Greg goes with the groom and I go with the Bride so we don’t usually work side by side until the start of the ceremony. It was nice getting to share the same space and work together during the getting ready part of the day. Greg recently ordered us Mag Mod adaptors for our speedlights. The Mag Mod is a grid that fits over the top part of the flash and creates a focused beam of beautiful light. This was the first wedding where we really got to stretch our legs with them. The effect is wonderfully dramatic and I think I’m sold on using them especially for the getting ready portion of the day.

    As a wedding photographers in Puerto Rico we get very dialed into the weather and the changing light throughout the seasons. During the summer it typically rains hard for about an hour or so and then stops before sunset. It’s a pretty magical thing. The afternoon rain cools everything off and makes for beautiful skies. On the day of Alex and Ana’s beach wedding there was a light rainstorm followed by a breathtaking sunset. I’m convinced that the happiest couples get the most beautiful sunsets.

    Ana also had tons of handmade decorations for the wedding. She told us that they were a crafting family but we didn’t realize just how DIY this wedding actually was going to be. Ana’s amazing wedding dress was hand sewn by her mother. The dreamcatchers made beautiful silhouettes and it was fun playing with taking pictures through them. The whole event had a laid back bohemian feeling. The catering and coordination was provided by Rincon Events and the cake that tasted just as good as it looked was created by Dulcis Vita.

    Photograph of toy Volkswagon bug with the bride and grooms wedding rings tied into the back seat. The toy is sitting on a ledge overlooking the ocean.Black and white photograph of the bride doing her makeup in a small mirror while one of her bridesmaids looks on.Photograph of the brides handmade purple and teal ribbon bouquet sitting next to her sequin silver wedding shoes.Close up photograph of the brides face as one of her bridesmaids applies make up.Macro photograph of the brides engagement ring and two diamond bracelets.Two groomsmen wearing matching teal shirts look off the porch ledge at a fishing boat in the ocean.Dramatic black and white photograph of the bride having her eye makeup done by one of her bridesmaids.ana_alex_wedding_ri_blog-8Photograph of the bride with her hair in curlers applying lipstick in a small mirror while her friend stands in front of her smiling.Black and white photograph of the bride pressing her thumb against her mothers forehead as she applies her makeup.The bride touches her mothers face as she is applying make up her nails are long and painted pink.Bridesmaids doing each others hair in the bathroom before the wedding.The groom sits on the edge of the porch over looking the ocean he is wearing all white clothes and sunglasses.Sihouette photograph of the groom sitting on the edge of the porch railing with the blue ocean in the background.Bride doing her eye makeup by a pink lamp in the living room.Silhouette photograph of the bride applying lipstick in a small hand mirror.The grooms hands holding his sons marine war medals.Marine wearing his uniform standing in front of the ocean tipping his hat down.Marine stands in front of the ocean while his sister and grandmother giggle and take photographs before the wedding.Teal vase with pink and purple wedding flowers.Photograph of the bride holding the arm of her son in his Marine uniform while she holds her teal and purple ribbon bouquet.The bride is being walked down the aisle on the beach during her destination wedding with lush green palm trees in the background.Silhouette photo of the ceremony on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.Bride and groom holding hands at the alter during their beach wedding ceremony.Photograph of the brides handmade dreamcatcher decorations with the bride and groom standing in the background.The brides maid of honor wearing a teal dress and holding the brides bouquet that is made of teal and purple ribbons.The bride standing in her purple and white beaded wedding dress with a purple flower in her hair in front of the ocean.Photograph that shows the entire beach wedding ceremony set up with guests siting in white chairs and the bride and groom standing at the bamboo altar on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.ana_alex_wedding_ri_blog-29Bride and bridesmaid feet all pointing their toes together wearing blue and purple macrame barefoot sandals.The brides feet standing next to the groom with pink rose petals on the sand.The bride and groom holding hands on the beach in front of a palm tree.The bride with her hand on her hip looking over at her groom in front of lush tropical green foliage.The bride and her bridesmaid holding hands as the sun is setting while they look out at the ocean.Tropical poolside wedding reception with dreamcatcher and string light decorations.Hand made dreamcatcher wedding decorations hanging from outdoor string lights at sunset during the wedding reception.Sunset sky with silhouetted dreamcatcher decorations and outdoor string lights.Wedding guests dip their feet in the pool during the wedding reception.Brides hand on her grooms arm holding a glass of champagne during the wedding reception.Black and white photograph of the maid of honor giving a toast on the microphone while guests hold up their glasses.Purple and teal frosted wedding cake with purple and pink flowers on a table.Black and white photograph of the groom hugging the bride after the cake cutting ceremony.

    PREV. ITEM The brides silver wedding shoes on the balcony ledge with the swimming pool and palm trees in the background. NEXT ITEM Bride wearing a white beach dress with an orange bikini holding a glass of white wine on the beach in St barths.
    September 17, 2016