Casa Herdz Wedding with Taisha & Daniel

    Taisha and Daniels Casa Herdz Wedding

    An easy way out when planning a wedding is to do things the same way everyone else does. This requires little thought, and you don’t run the risk of pissing anyone off. This was not the case when we photographed Taisha and Daniels Casa Herdz Wedding. Our favorite clients break the mold. Those who do something that truly compels them, and not just for the sake of being different. Being bold and doing something original takes guts. Not just the originality, but the journey of figuring out what you really want. When we are true to ourselves we are on the right path. We only live with the judgements of others in the moment, but we live with ourselves forever.

    Balancing our roots and remaining true to ourselves.

    Weddings are ceremonies and celebrations that blend personal expression with tradition. For many couples it is a balancing act between honoring their roots while remaining true to themselves. There are few occasions in life when we have the opportunity to take an inventory of the people in our lives and to ask ourselves what we enjoy and how we want to celebrate. On wedding day we openly declare our love for one another, and through our choices about how that is expressed we make a statement about our values.

    Mother Nature gifts the most genuine and kind couples

    Taisha and Daniel are an adventurous couple with a zest for life. They chose to start their wedding day together on a surfboard. Catching waves on the West coast of Puerto Rico in late May can be hit or miss. By May, surf season is over, and days with waves are rare. Greg and I believe that Mother Nature will gift the most genuine and kind couples with surprises on their wedding day. Sometimes the surprise is a rainbow or an incredible sunset, but in the case of Taisha and Daniel, it was waves to surf on their wedding day.

    They put the health of the reef above personal vanity.

    Taisha and Daniel used mineral based reef safe sunscreen which doesn’t harm the reef, but leaves a light white sheen on the skin. Direct sun in Puerto Rico is strong. If you are going to be out in the water for any length of time it is important to cover up or wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. I thought it was admirable of them to show up to a photoshoot putting the health of the reef above personal vanity. In the end the sunscreen didn’t really show up much in the photographs. I respect their choice to enjoy the ocean while not destroying it.

    Instead of fussing over wedding day details, Taisha and Daniel spent their morning doing something they loved. Their dip in the ocean refreshed and invigorated them. Spending time in nature helps put things in perspective, allowing the worries and stresses of the modern world to fall away. By the time the four of us left the beach we were all beaming. In the midst of what could be a stressful day, our time at the beach was restorative. We all felt refreshed before getting back to the Casa Herdz wedding activities.

    We believe that the unique story of wedding day happens during unscheduled moments.

    As wedding photographers, we believe that the unique story of wedding day happens during unscheduled moments. These are the moments bring a story to life. We structure our wedding coverage around this philosophy, choosing to photograph unlimited days without the restriction of hours. This allows us to fully capture a story from beginning to end. Expanded timelines make for longer days, leaving us open to capture our couples in environments and situations unique to them.

    Weddings are a time when we think about who we are, while also showing our true selves to our closest family and friends. This unveiling of personal truth is what we strive to capture through our photography. Our work is dependant on mutual trust and respect between us and the couple we are photographing. When we met Taisha and Daniel we knew that they were looking for something more than a traditional documentary representation of their wedding day. They had unique ideas and a true excitement about the notion that their celebration could be anything they desired. They also had a clear vision of how they wanted their wedding day captured. For them, candid photographs of their family and friends were a top priority. They wanted their day to be captured in an authentic yet dynamic way.

    Great candid photography is about seeing and accepting people as they are. With candid photography you cannot force someone into beautiful light or make them pose in a particular way. For us, this approach is about being able to recognize beauty in someones natural state, then using our photographic tools to bring our vision to life. This requires patience and attention as well as a knowledge of when to take risks. Candid photography with this approach also requires an openness on the part of the person being photographed. Taisha and Daniel invited us into their story and encouraged us to capture everything. From the morning surf session, to their epic late night pool party, and all the moments in between, we were welcomed as friends – free to capture anything and everything around us.

    Great candid photography is about seeing and accepting people as they are.

    We want our photographs to capture the true essence of our subjects, rather than simply including them in an interesting composition or photographic technique. In a way, every image we create is something that has been gifted to us by our clients. They give us permission to capture their most intimate moments on wedding day by allowing themselves the freedom to express true emotion. Without this trust we wouldn’t be able to create the type of work that we do.

    Taisha and Daniel – thank you both so much for inviting us into your lives and allowing us to capture your Casa Herdz wedding day. As artists, it means so much to us that we were not just welcomed, but made to feel as if we were an important part of your day. Thank you again for asking us to capture the two of you in an honest and authentic way.

    June 5, 2019



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