#DudenBabe! Villa Playa Maria Wedding

    How can I even begin to write about the epic amazingness that was Britt and Dan’s wedding at Villa Playa Maria in Rincon, Puerto Rico! These two knocked it out of the park by bringing together their friends and family and a team of amazing vendors for one of the most memorable weddings we have ever photographed. Their friends and family were beyond welcoming and made us truly feel like a part of the event. Working with Britt and Dan and their whole crew reminded us of why we love doing what we do.

    They chose to start their wedding day off right with a little “Vitamin Sea”. Both experienced surfers, and with waves which were nice but not big, Britt and Dan paddled out right from Villa Playa Maria. Conditions couldn’t have been more perfect with beautiful glassy water, sunny skies and pelicans floating on the horizon. We love it when couples carve out time before the formalities of the day to spend quality time together and set the tone for the day. Greg put a camera in the underwater housing, put on fins and followed them out into the surf.

    After their morning surf, Britt had arranged for a private group yoga session led by the amazing Cait Lawson. Cait is one of the best yoga instructors in Rincon and led the group in a beautiful vinyasa flow on the yoga deck over looking the ocean. It was so refreshing to see a bride taking care of herself and the people around her by creating a space for relaxation and reflection on the morning of her wedding.

    Rincon Events team created a beautiful ceremony space on the beach decorated with locally foraged tropical greenery. Their reception took place under the stars on the Villa Playa Maria lawn. Everyone danced their socks of to the sounds of PinaXpress, a musical collaboration between DJ EJK and saxophonist Ricar Bartolomei.

    I don’t remember who jumped first but it wasn’t long before the entire wedding group was partying in the pool. There was so much joy and excitement in the air that night. There is nothing better than when an entire group truly comes together and celebrates as one. To finish the night off the bride and groom invited their guests down to the beach to hang out by a beautiful bonfire. 

    Dan, Britt, and all of the guests of this wedding learned about the importance of valuing those who are close to you, and the importance of embracing joy and love in the present moment. Dan having had his own brush with serious illness earlier in the year was still fresh in everyones minds, and I can’t help but think there was a general feeling of gratefulness among all present. Since then Dan has started the non-profit Olson Foundation, a new design company alongside Britt, and continues doing great. Britt and Dans vibrant energy combined with the adventure of Puerto Rico plus the gratefulness for life of the guests generated a perfect storm for a beautiful, high-energy and deeply bonding experience for everyone present. 

    Britt and Dan, we are so glad we were with the two of you and everyone else to share in this amazing day! We absolutely loved all the funny, intense, beautiful, sexy, awesome moments that we were able to capture. #DudenBabe!

    December 9, 2019