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    Frances Davis & Greg Hastain

    Uncategorized × September 24, 2019

    Wedding Day and the Gift of Shared Experience

    Wedding of Reva and Justin, The Royal Isabela, PR With every wedding we photograph comes the opportunity to express the beauty we see in the world. Beauty that resides in the mundane, flawed, and ...

    Uncategorized × September 12, 2019

    Round 2, Wed! Big NY Party

    As artists and family historians we are obligated to spend a certain amount of time musing on the fleeting and impermanent quality of life. In the moment our work is beautiful, but only truly bec...

    Uncategorized × August 29, 2019

    Inspiration Through Cultivation at Winvian Farms with Justine & Sola

    After spending three days at Winvian Farms I can say that a tomato can change your life, or at the very least can change your perception. You can have a food experience so delicious and so profound t...

    Uncategorized × July 29, 2019

    Rebecca & Mauricio’s Epic Horned Dorset Wedding

    Rebecca and Mauricio wanted to create a truly special experience for their wedding guests so they decided to have a destination wedding in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The two have been coming to Rincon with...

    Tips × June 7, 2019

    7 Wedding Reception Lighting Techniques [For Photographers]

    I explain the 7 different wedding reception lighting techniques that we used at a wedding in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

    Weddings × June 5, 2019

    Casa Herdz Wedding with Taisha & Daniel

    Taisha and Daniels Casa Herdz Wedding An easy way out when planning a wedding is to do things the same way everyone else does. This requires little thought, and you don’t run the risk of pissi...

    Uncategorized × May 27, 2019

    Creative Wedding Photography – Trusting the Process | Beth & Ralph

    Never expecting it would lead us to photographing a wedding in Minneapolis, two years ago we were on a rooftop in Tulum, Mexico photographing a destination wedding. Confetti fluttered through the...

    Uncategorized × May 2, 2019

    Should you risk it on wedding day?

    How do you manage risk on wedding day? “How do you manage risk on wedding day?” - This was the question we were asked last night during a call with a potential client. How do we make the decis...

    Uncategorized × April 29, 2019

    Rock n’ Roll Wedding Album Reveal with Yadira & Gustavo

    Yadira and Gustavo are a really fun and amazing couple whose wedding we photographed at Casa de España in San Juan Puerto Rico. They are both musicians - Gustavo is the lead singer of the ban...

    Uncategorized × April 25, 2019

    Top Wedding Planners in Puerto Rico

    This is our list of the best wedding planners in Puerto Rico. We have have worked with all of these wedding planners and can personally vouch for their professionalism and attention to detail. Th...