Top Wedding Planners in Puerto Rico

    Wedding ceremony at Copa Marina in Guanica Puerto Rico

    This is our list of the best wedding planners in Puerto Rico. We have have worked with all of these wedding planners and can personally vouch for their professionalism and attention to detail. There are many other top wedding planners in Puerto Rico, but we chose to keep this list focused to only those we have personal experience with. 

    Why hire a wedding planner in Puerto Rico

    Having a wedding planner is vital to putting on an incredible wedding. To get the most out of your wedding photography we also recommend hiring a planner. For us wedding day is mostly about capturing candid moments as they unfold. Great candid photography is more about experience and planning than it is about luck. Anticipating the flow of the day and where and when activities will be taking place allows for us to position ourselves for the best light and do our most creative work. Having a plan on wedding day means we are in the right place at the right time. Planned time for lighting set up allows us to capture moments as artistically as possible.

    If you are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico having a planner makes it easier to connect with vendors and plan a timeline that makes sense for your wedding. For many couples their wedding is the first large event they have ever hosted. Even small intimate weddings have many moving parts. Making sure all the pieces come together on time and as planned on wedding day is the true art of wedding planning.

    Of all the weddings in Puerto Rico we have photographed the ones where couples hire planners always come together more smoothly. We appreciate working with wedding planners because they keep a watchful eye on the timeline. Making sure that we have enough time for portraits and that guests are smoothly moved from the ceremony into cocktail hour and dinner. 

    Hire a planner, and let yourself live in the moment.

    We want to capture couples feeling real emotions and experiencing real moments on wedding day. Hire a planner, and let yourself live in the moment.

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