Round 2, Wed! Big NY Party

    Low angle photograph showing an outdoor wedding ceremony with a bright blue sky and green grass.

    As artists and family historians we are obligated to spend a certain amount of time musing on the fleeting and impermanent quality of life. In the moment our work is beautiful, but only truly becomes valuable with the passage of time. Because of this we are responsible for telling stories about people that will extend far beyond their lifetimes. Someones sense of humor, personality and charisma cannot be quantified or seen, only felt. Our photographs become family artifacts that are visual representations for things we cannot see but can only feel.

    For Carrie and Jenn this wasn’t their first time around. We first met Carrie and Jenn when they eloped in Puerto Rico. We photographed their intimate moonlit ceremony on the beach in Rincon and were thrilled when they invited us to photograph their big wedding and reception in Wappinger Falls, NY. For two old souls coming together as partners in life it is fitting that they would have more than one ceremony. 

    Black and white photograph of two women embracing and smiling on their wedding day one wearing a white wedding dress and the other wearing a floral top.

    Jenn and Carrie both have big hearts and are quick to laugh. Jenn brings a sense playfulness and silliness with her everywhere she goes. Carrie is the organizer, the planner and is always laughing right along side Jenn. Neither one of them take themselves too seriously and just take life as it comes. They are truly a joy to be around and are surrounded by a close group of friends who are also very lively. It was no surprise that they wouldn’t let Carrie and Jenn get away with just eloping and wanted to share in the celebration as well.

    On a spiritual level I believe that Carrie and Jenn are truly soul mates. That their union in this life is one of many they have had. It is clear to me that they have met many times before in different forms throughout time. They have a relaxed and carefree way with one another that reminds me of the blush of a new romance while at the same time reflecting the comfort and familiarity that has blossomed out of their 15 year relationship.

    We meet our clients when they are at a point of transition moving from being two separate people into a union as defined by ceremony. A marriage ceremony is an outward expression of the inward feelings a couple has, by going through the ceremony they connect their inward spiritual life with their physical reality. This moment of transition signifies the end of one thing and the beginning of another. 

    Through our work as wedding photographers we seek to capture this time of transition into union. We realize these moments in life are brief and we seek to preserve them not as idealized memories but as authentic representations. We see beauty not as a physical form that can be recreated and mass produced but as a spontaneous moment in time when all things come together and tell a story of the past, present and future in one moment. We capture things as they are by embracing imperfection as the source of authenticity. 

    September 12, 2019



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