Rincon Images is now Hastain Davis Studios!

    Big news! Rincon Images is now known as Hastain Davis Studios! We’ve undergone many changes and growth periods over the last several years, and we’ve decided it’s time for us to move forward with a fresh new name, look, and approach. We are more committed than ever to push ourselves forward in our pursuit of meaningful wedding photography, and we want Hastain Davis Studios to reflect that. We are now splitting our time between Portland, Oregon and Rincon, Puerto Rico.  A big change for us having both lived year round in Rincon for the past six years. We are excited to photograph weddings in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and also enjoy so many of the other incredible things Oregon and the surrounding areas have to offer both photography related or otherwise.

    We work hard. We don’t entertain the notion that anything comes easy, and we take wedding photography very seriously.

    Making new connections, building trust, and starting in a new place is definitely something that takes time, especially in the wedding industry. In Puerto Rico, we have worked with so many different wedding planners and other wedding professionals that we already have an established reputation for professionalism and the quality of our work. We are excited to meet other wedding professionals in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, see new venues, and make connections with new clients. We work hard. We don’t entertain the notion that anything comes easy, and we take wedding photography very seriously. Wedding planners, couples and guests all know it by the end of every wedding. It’s always nice when wedding guests approach us at the end of the night to say thanks and compliment us on our work ethic. We want to pass on the word of our new availability stateside, so if we’ve worked for you or you’ve seen what we do, please think of us if you know of anyone in need of amazing wedding photography.

    Oregon has been fantastic so far, and we are happy to say that we have met so many incredible photographers in Portland since we arrived. So far everyone has been very welcoming, and the attitude that we’ve encountered has been one of helpfulness and inclusion, which has been very nice. Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have so much natural beauty and incredible scenery, we can’t wait to explore the new possibilities for wedding photography in this region.

    Look out for more updates from Hastain Davis Studios coming soon regarding these changes, as well as photos from  some of our first Oregon weddings!



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    October 8, 2018