The Wedding Book

    Custom wedding book design

    Your wedding album is the final piece of artwork created to remember your wedding by. Out of all the choices made about wedding day the decision about the look and feel of your wedding album will last the longest. For most families it is the only physical object aside from the wedding rings that will remain in the family to remember the wedding day by.

    You will receive a book that reflects the look and feel of your wedding day as well as your own personality. The next generation of your family will be able to pick up your wedding album and get a sense of who you were and what was important to you when you got married.

    Our Design Process

    The inspiration for the design of your wedding book comes from the wedding day itself. The design process begins the moment we meet you and ends the moment we send the book to the printer. Every aspect of the book should exude personality and spark joy and excitement within you every time you open it.

    Album Layout

    After an initial layout is created we all sit down together and make revisions to the book during a zoom call. We have a lot of fun going through the photographs and reliving wedding day. A typical call is between 1-3 hours depending on the wedding. During the call we are able to swap photographs and add and remove pages in real time. Your Wedding Package includes a set number of pages after that additional spreads are $20/page ($40/spread).The photographs selected for the book receive additional retouching so they are picture perfect in print.

    For custom designed covers we start by creating a set of concept sketches. From there we select a design and refine it. Sometimes the material inspires the design and sometimes the design informs the choice of materials. We can’t wait to make something amazing for you.

    Bronze Foil Embossing

    Jennifers wedding was floral and girlie and filled with bronze details. She and her husband chose bronze geometric shapes for their center pieces and had them shipped from Chicago down to Puerto Rico for their wedding at La Concha. The cover of her book is designed with bronze foil embossing. To echo the floral design of her wedding and the light airy feel of her oceanfront venue we created a custom design over the white cover and included a detail of the geometric center pieces.

    One of a kind design

    Nestor and Widalys were married in a historic church, the same church Nestor belonged to as a child. During their portrait session we did some photographs of the two of them standing in the center of the aisle of the church. From the final photograph we created a digital sketch that would be able to be printed in silver foil for the cover of the book. The blue ribbon matches the bridesmaids dresses and table decorations the bride selected.

    Laser Engraved Metal

    For this rock and roll couple we took inspiration from old whiskey label designs. The filigree pattern is etched directly into the metal and the spine of the book is wrapped in black leather. Both the bride and the groom play guitar and are dedicated musicians. The guitar in the center represents their shared passion for music.

    Crystal Acrylic

    Sometimes there is one image that really shines out of all the rest. If there is a photo in your collection that you absolutely love then the choice of a photo cover for the album might be just right for you. This book looks beautiful standing upright on a shelf or mantel and stands out when displayed on a coffee table during family gatherings.

    Nappa Leather

    This 100 page leather bound wedding book contains the photographs from a four day wedding event in Saint Barthelemy. The family wanted a classic look with photographs from all four amazing days. The book is coffee table size 18” x 14” and comes with a protective leather sleeve. As soon as this book arrived we knew it would be a precious family heirloom for many generations.