Two Families Become One – Villa DeZecheo Rincon, PR

    For Letty and Steve’s wedding we headed back to one of our favorite venues, Villa DeZecheo to photograph their destination wedding in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Villa DeZecheo is a wonderful venue because of its beautifully manicured gardens and amazing beachfront location. For this wedding the ceremony was set up on the large green lawn, it is a beautiful spot for a ceremony. The light right before sunset is gorgeous as it filters through the trees, for wedding photographers in the tropics getting to photograph a ceremony in a patch of soft filtered light always feels like hitting the jackpot.

    We’ve been photographing weddings for eight years and as wedding photographers in Puerto Rico we see all different kinds of ceremonies and families being united. For Letty and Steve’s wedding Rev. Gregory Ruiz had everyone join hands and pray before leading a beautiful wedding ceremony. For Letty and Steve this was both of their second marriages. Letty has four children and Steve has two so their wedding was more about their two families becoming one than anything else. It was a beautiful ceremony that almost brought me to tears! The Reverend even incorporated the kids into the ceremony by having each of them say “I do” to their families becoming married together. There were so many beautiful details and decorations at this wedding but the inclusion of the children into the ceremony is what really made this wedding stand out. Love and family really are the most important things we photograph on wedding day.

    We were honored that The Huffington Post chose to publish this photograph of Letty and Steve in front of the Ceiba tree in the front yard of Villa DeZecheo. The Ceiba is a sacred and revered tree in Puerto Rico and through out the Americas. Check out their real weddings blog Gregs photo is #15 on the list.

    Diamond wedding ring and grooms wedding ring on a green background.Diamond wedding rings balanced between two silver wedding shoes in front of a green background.Brides daughter doing her mothers hair before her wedding in front of a window with a wedding dress hanging.letty_steve_wedding_photography_rincon_puerto_rico_blog-5Black and white photograph of a brides face as her daughter applies lipstick for her before the wedding.Wedding ceremony setup with twenty white chairs setup on a green lawn in a tropical backyard with palmtrees and a blue sky.Black and white photograph of a flower girl standing with her brother and sister.Black and white photo of a bride getting her make up done.Photo of a minister standing in front of a group of people sitting before the start of a wedding ceremony on a lush green lawn with palm trees.A flower girl wearing a grey dress takes a step up the staircase to start processing to the front of the wedding ceremony.Bride in a white dress about to start walking down the aisle in front of lush green palm trees.Photograph of the bride from the front starting to walk down the aisle in her white wedding dress. The bride is carrying a bouquet of pink roses the setting is a tropical backyard with green grass and palm trees.Bride wearing a white dress holding a bouquet of pink roses starts to tear up as she walks down the aisle towards her groom.Photograph of the groom in front of a green background with a tear in his eye as he looks as his bride walking down the aisle.4Guests at a wedding hold hands and close their eyes to say a prayer for the bride and groom before the start of the ceremony.Photograph of the entire wedding ceremony site, there are pink rose petals going down the aisle and a row of palm trees behind the bride and groom. The ceremony is on a green grass lawn.Bride wearing a white dress holding a bouquet of pink roses laughs and smiles while holding the microphone during her ceremony.The two bridesmaids smile while holding bouquets of white roses.One of the guests sitting during the ceremony wearing a pink dress wipes a tear from her eye.The bride, groom and minister all smiling as the bride begins to unfold her vows. They are stading in front of plam trees with yellow and green frauns.The young son of the groom speaking into the microphone during the wedding ceremony while his older brother looks on.The two bridesmaids wearing black dresses and holding white rose bouquets smile at each other, the girl on the left has tears in her eyes.Funny sunlight filled photograph of the brides daughter trying to help her get her engagement ring off during the wedding ceremony before the exchange of the rings.Photograph of the bride wearing a white dress speaking into the mircophone while putting the wedding ring on her grooms finger.The bride and groom kiss in front of a green and yellow palm fraun background, the bride is holding a bouquet of pink roses and the groom is wearing a grey suit.The bride and groom smiling as the walk down the aisle arm and arm after the ceremony, the minister looks on in the background.Formal wedding photograph of the bride wearing a white dress holding a bouquet of pink roses standing next to her groom wearing a grey suit on a beautiful green lawn with lush trees in the background.Formal wedding photograph of the bride, groom and their five children standing side by side on a green grass lawn in front of tropical palm trees.Fun photograph of the bride, groom, and their five children jumping with joy on a green grassy lawn in front of palm trees.The bride and groom have their backs turned to the camera as they look on at their five children posing for a photograph being taken by another photographer in front of pink tropical flowers.The bride and groom standing in front of Villa Dezecheo, a two story villa while their five children look down on then from the second floor terrace.The bride and groom looking up at their five children standing on the second floor terrace as their youngest daughter drops flower petals down onto them.Groom looking at the bride smiling as they are showered in rose petals from above by their children.Photograph of the sunset from the beach by Villa DeZecheo in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The beach is wide and sandy with a few trees.The bride wearing a white wedding dress carrying a pink rose bouquet walks with her groom wearing a grey suit toward the camera holding hands on the beach.The bride standing with her daughter who is sitting on a tree branch. The daughter is wearing a black dress with pink flowers on it they are both standing in front of a beautiful blue and pink sunset.The bride swishes her long white dress in front of the camera as she spins on the beach.The bride and groom dancing together on the beach as she holds out her long white wedding dress.Photograph of the dinner menu for the wedding. There is a grey napkin with a pink ribbon and a pink rose along with the menu.Photograph of the table setup during the wedding reception by the pool. The tables have white table clothes with large centerpieces that have pink roses and dangling strings of crystals. The tables are setup outside by the pool surrounded by palm trees.Flower arrangements with candles floating in the swimming pool.Bride and groom dancing their first dance during their wedding reception.Photograph of a beautiful white wedding cake decorated with edible pink and white roses made of icing.

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    August 18, 2016