Seattle Aquarium Wedding with Shan Shan & Xiao Fan in Seattle, Washington

    Seattle Aquarium Weddings are so unique and really special. After general admission to the Aquarium closes for the evening, the staff starts moving, setting up chairs and decorations in front of the main tanks, as well as setting up a cocktail hour area in a really cool spot with tide pools, jellyfish tanks, and other underwater displays. The Seattle Aquarium sits right in the heart of Seattle, just next to the Pike Place market, which is the famous market of Seattle (think workers tossing fish to each other in the mornings), the Seattle Great Wheel, and lots more. We met Shan Shan & Xiao Fan at the Loews Hotel where they were getting ready before heading down to the waterfront and aquarium for the ceremony.

    Greg  had the pleasure of being asked to help Wes of Your Story By Us to photograph Shan Shan & Xiao Fans wedding at the Seattle Aquarium in Seattle Washington. We connected through Fearless Photographers, and the timing of their wedding was perfect as we were able to come up to Seattle from Portland on our way to a road trip into Canada.

    Helping out another photographer as a second shooter is a great experience, and it’s something we love to see among professional photographers. We’ve always felt that the more we can connect with fellow photographers, help each other out, and form friendships, the better off everyone will be.

    I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from Shan Shan & Xiao Fans amazing Seattle Aquarium Wedding.


    PREV. ITEM NEXT ITEM Pastor wipes the sweat from the grooms forhead during the ceremony
    December 16, 2018